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We'll treat your water with expert care

County Line Plumbing & Heating Inc. will ensure that water is safe to drink and soft enough for your shower. Contact us to get superior quality and affordable water treatment services and purification system installations.


To get your water tested, reach out to us at 215-429-3350 for an appointment.

Let us soften or filtrate your water

  • Water conditioning

  • UV lighting

  • Water filtration

  • Water softeners

  • Water testing

  • Soft water conditioning

We come with recommendations from your peers

"Very professional and did great work!  I would recommend this company to anybody.

It's nice to have someone that is so reliable and that you can trust! I felt that the prices he quoted he stuck to. Didn't have a bunch of little add-ons to make my bill more at the end. He was great in my home with my kids and my dog. Neat and clean and fast!"


- Leigh B. of Chalfont, PA

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