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Pipe Repair Services

Pipe repair is a key service that County Line Plumbing & Heating provides. This maintenance is done to reestablish the conveyance capability of a piping system and its overall usefulness. Pipe repair is required when there are cracks or leaks, evidence of corrosion, severe clogs, or complete breaks.

The majority of plumbing issues occur near fixtures, including toilets, sinks, showers, and tubs. However, sometimes the issues are with the pipes themselves. No pipes are designed to last forever, but as they corrode, they can affect your home’s entire plumbing system. Having damaged pipes is a serious problem that can affect your daily routine and even lead to major damage to your home. The earlier the damaged piping is repaired or replaced, the more overall damage can be avoided.

Homeowners should keep an eye on their plumbing systems and take note of any signs that their pipes may need repair. Look for evidence of leaking, sweating, or freezing pipes, and be on alert for any strange noises coming for your pipes as well, as these are all signs of a bigger issue.

What different types of pipe repair might I need?

Whether your piping is Copper, Galvanized, Pex, CPVC, PVC, Cast Iron, Black Steel (gas piping) or Stainless Steel (gas piping) County Line Plumbing can repair it all!

Gas Pipe Repair. Gas leaks can be extremely dangerous, it’s important to address them immediately. Improperly installed pipes or poorly maintained gas piping can lead to major problems. If you suspect a gas leak, call your energy provider right away. They will determine the leak and tag it for a licensed plumber to fix the leak. That’s where we come in, you can trust that County Line Plumbing will properly repair the gas leak and your family and home will be safe once again.

Re-Piping. A complete pipe repair may be called for when your pipes have major issues or if your plumbing system is particularly outdated. County Line Plumbing & Heating can make this assessment for you before any work begins.

Water Pipe Repair. If you have any water line bursts or cracked pipes, we recommend you immediately turn off the Main Shut Off Valve by your water meter and contact us to repair your pipe issue.


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